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Exciting New Arrival!!!!!
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Just sold 10/11/17 to London!!!!! Offer Accepted!!
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"The Shuffler, Pin Mill" by Elaine Marston (now sold 23/11/14)

"The Shuffler, Pin Mill" by Elaine Marston (now sold 23/11/14)




A rare opportunity to acquire a superb original Elaine Marston painting   "The Shuffler, Pin Mill" 


Pin Mill 32 x 48

"The Shuffler, Pin Mill" by Elaine Marston


  An original painting by Elaine Marston of a gorgeous boat at Pin Mill resting in the reeds after the tied had gone out.






 Elaine Marston has been a professional artist for over 10 years selling in the UK and Internationally. Elaine has recently exhibited 2 paintings in the Royal Society of Marine Artist Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. Based in Oxfordshire she enjoys painting local scenes especially Oxford and London and inspired by water enjoys painting coastal scenes.

Elaine has been sharing her passion for drawing and painting by holding weekly classes and workshops. Elaine is a very versatile artist who enjoys painting in a variety of media, with an abiding love for oil and watercolour. 



   Measurements; 12 inches x 19 inches (32 cms x 48 cms)  

Oil on Canvas.






Investment  elainenew


 " An Amazing Blue Chip Investment Opportunity to Acquire an Original Elaine Marston Painting" ..

Invest in one of our paintings, rather than risky bank investments, where you can actually touch your investment. Take pleasure in looking at it and watch it appreciate in value over the years!! Remember we guarantee every painting sold is unique, original e.g only one of it's kind in the world!!!

 Scarcity alone guarantees the investment  !!!!

Asgard Arts offers works of art which will not only look fantastic in your home or offices (One Investment Bank in particular has purchased paintings from us for their offices see Bull paintings) but will also be a sound financial investment for the future.  Art has long been regarded as a strong and safe investment.  Investment in paintings was discussed recently on Bloomberg television as a sound investment as a hard asset like Gold, Platinum Silver etc. Also Ellen Kelleher a personal finance journalist for The Financial Times recently wrote an article recommending the purchase of Art, particularly in the $500 - $50,000 range as a sound long term investment with an impressive current average annual increase of 9.7 percent.  Go to Latest Art news on Asgard Arts and see Hang your investments on the wall by Ellen Kelleher Published October 22 2010 in the Financial Times.




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 Elaine Marston

Elaine has been sharing her passion for drawing and painting by holding weekly classes and workshops.  Elaine is a very versatile artist who enjoys painting in a variety of media, with an abiding love for oil and watercolour.   




Her inspiration comes from a diverse range of subjects and themes; from reflections caught on water; the light hitting the canopy of a café scene, to a quiet corner of a harbour. Elaine has recently moved to a lovely new studio just outside Brackley, by the village of Turweston.




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The Shuffler, Pin Mill

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